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  (As amended up to 5.9.2011)

  Title and Address
  1 (a) The name of the Association shall be “All India Punjab National Bank Officers’   Association and it shall be referred to hereinafter as “The Association”.

  Registered Address
  1 (b)The registered address of the Association shall be “All India Punjab National Bank Officers’   Association”, Flat No. 306, 3rd floor, Kirti Mahal, 19, Rajindra Place, New Delhi -110 008.   


  1 (c) All legal proceedings against the association or any of its Office Bearers relating to the affairs of the   association shall be instituted only at the place where the registered office of the association is situated.
  Aims & Objects

  2The aims and objects of the Association shall be:-

  2 (a) To maintain and promote amongst its members a spirit of service to the Bank’s constituents and the public in general and of   loyalty towards the institution; to take all steps to maintain a standard of efficiency and upright conduct consistent with the tradition   of the banking profession.

  2 (b) To protect and promote the interests, rights and privileges of the members in all matters relating to their emoluments, bonus,   service conditions, employment, retirement benefits, housing, health, etc; to make representations to the authorities of the Bank in   this connection and to take any other steps from time to time necessary for the betterment of the members and for the redressal of   their genuine grievances and above all to base the relations of the members with the Bank on principles of fair dealings in   accordance with the canons of equity and justice and consistent with dignity and respect.

  2 (c)To raise, borrow or secure such money or moneys by subscription, donations or loans from the members or others as may be   considered necessary for the furtherance of the objects of the Association.

  2 (d) To invest and deal with the moneys of the Association, not immediately required, in such manner, as may from time to time   be determined.

  2 (e) To provide funds for legal advice sought and proceedings undertaken by the Association with a view to securing or   protecting any legitimate rights of its members.

  2 (f) To provide legal assistance to its members in respect of disputes arising out of and incidental to their employment.

  2 (g) To organize social, cultural and educational activities for the benefit of its members and their families.

  2 (h) To cooperate or to federate with similar other Associations or bodies in India or outside.

  2 (i) To do all such other acts as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.
  Membership & Qualifications

  3 (a) (i) The membership of the Association shall be open to all officers (other than workmen officers) in the service of Punjab   National Bank all over India, on payment of prescribed fees along with written application in prescribed form.

  3 (a) (ii)On the recommendations of the Central Office Bearers and on submission of an application in writing the Central   Executive Committee may save as specified in sub-clause (iii) below :

  3 (a) (ii) (a)On Payment of prescribed Admission fee co-opt as member; for such term as the Central Executive Committee may   decide, a person retired from Punjab National Bank as an officer, having background and experience of trade union and / or social   activities;

  3 (a) (ii) (b) Extend the membership of an officer member beyond his superannuation from the service of Punjab National Bank for   such term as the Central Executive Committee may decide.

  3 (a) (iii)  A person, whose name has been removed from the Register of Members, in terms of clause (3) (c) of the Rules and     Regulations or in  terms of Clause 3 (d) (iii) of the Rules and Regulations or a person who has been suspended in terms of clause   (3) (d) (i) or (3) (d) (ii) of the Rules and Regulations shall however be ineligible to be co-opted as member in terms of the above   clause (3) (a) (ii) (a) & (b).

  3 (a) (iv) The number of Members as co-opted in terms of clause 3 (a) (ii) (a) and (b) above together shall not at any time exceed   five.

  3 (a) (v)  Subject to the policy laid down by the Central Executive Committee Members  co-opted in terms of clause 3 (a) (ii) (a)   and (b) above shall be eligible for election for any of the posts of Central Office Bearers/Circle Committees.

  3 (b)  The prescribed fees are :-

  3 (b) (i)   Admission fee ………………………….Rs.10/-

  3 (b) (ii)  Monthly subscription………………Rs.100/-
  (Payable in advance every month. It shall be within the competence of Central Executive Committee to review the   subscription).
  Note :- Without prejudice to what has been stated in clause (c) infra, a member who has not paid up to date   subscription shall not have the voting right at the proceedings and elections of the Association at Circle level and   at the Centre. For this purpose the month prior to the month in which the circular for elections is issued shall be   reckoned.

  3 (c) The  name of a member will be removed from the register of the members if the monthly subscription falls in   arrears for over three months.

  3 (d) (i)   It shall be within the competence of the General Secretary and President jointly to suspend a member (in   consultation with circle executive committee) whose activities are deemed to be detrimental to the interest of the   association.

  3 (d) (ii)  However, in exceptional circumstances where the member flouts the direction and discipline of the   Association it shall be within the competence of the General Secretary jointly with the President to suspend a   member without consulting the Circle Committee.
  Such cases shall be placed before the Working Committee for ratification.
  It shall be open to the aggrieved member to represent to the Working Committee.

  3 (d) (iii) It shall be within the competence of the Working Committee to remove the name of a member from the   register of members, whose activities are deemed to be detrimental to the interest of the Association and   members thereof. However, the aggrieved member may appeal to the CEC.

  3 (e) A member whose membership is terminated under rule 3 (c) or (d), may be re-admitted to membership   subject to approval of the Central Executive Committee on payment of all his arrears of the subscription, if any.
  Grievances Redressal Machinery.

  3 A (a) There shall be a Grievances Redressal Committee, hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”, to look into   the grievances/complaints of member(s) and/or circle unit(s).

  3 A (b)  The Committee shall be constituted by the Central Executive Committee and comprise of not more than   five members who may be from amongst the members of the Association and/or non-members being persons of   repute having adequate knowledge and experience of trade union(s) and/or legal matters.

  3 A (c)  The Central Executive Committee shall appoint one of the members of the committee as its Convener   whose term shall be co-terminus with that of the Committee.

  3 A (d) The tenure of the committee shall be three years or the date of next General Council Meeting, whichever is   earlier.

  3 A (e) A vacancy in the committee, caused by resignation, death or retirement shall be filled up by the Central   Executive Committee.

  3 A (f) Any aggrieved member, whether individual or an office bearer representing a Circle unit, may file the      grievance/ complaint relating to association and/or its working/activities with the Committee, through the General   Secretary within 60 days of the decision/action complained of. The General Secretary shall deal with the   complaint/ grievance at his level. He may, in his discretion, refer the grievance/complaint to the Committee for its   consideration and decision. Any complainant member not satisfied with the decision of the General Secretary   may also demand that his grievance/complaint be placed before the committee.

  3 A (g) The committee shall consider the grievance/ complaint so received expeditiously. The committee, entirely   in its discretion may call for all or any record relating to the grievance/complaint, call or hear the complainant or   such other person or persons as it may consider necessary or proper for just decision in the matter.

  3 A (h) The committee shall submit its findings on the grievance/complaint to the General Secretary/ President for   placing the same before the Working Committee for appropriate decision/action. The Working Committee shall   take a decision in the matter and convey the same to the complainant/office bearer through the General Secretary.

  3 A (i)  The complainant/aggrieved member/ Office Bearer may file an appeal against the decision of the Working   Committee before the Central Executive Committee, if he so desires, within forty five days of the decision.

  3 A (j)  The decision of the Central Executive Committee on the appeal so filed shall be conveyed to the   complainant/ aggrieved member by the General Secretary. The decision of the Central Executive Committee shall   be final and binding.

  3 A (k) In a case where the Central Executive Committee has differed with the findings of the Committee, the   aggrieved member/office bearer may submit a Review before the General Council which shall be considered by   the Council at its next regular meeting.

  3 A (l)  The decision of the Central Executive Committee and/or the General Council, as may be the case, shall be   final and binding on the member/office bearer. Sufficient opportunity having been provided no further appeal/   representation shall be entertained or considered. Any violation of the decision and/or approach to any  authority/   forum shall constitute an act detrimental to the interest of the Association and the members thereof.
  Record of Members

  4 (a)   The circle committee shall keep records of all its members containing their names and particulars of their   place of work etc. which will be updated on yearly basis as on 31st December.
  A list of members so compiled shall be sent to Central Office of the association.

  4 (b)  The records shall be subject to inspection by any member of the Association in his respective circle           during office hours.

  5. The affairs of the Association shall be conducted through

  1. General Body/General Council
  2. Central Executive Committee
  3. Working Committee

  General Body/ General Council

  5  (a) The General Body will be comprised of all members and will be a permanent organ exercising all control   over the affairs of the Association.

  General Council Meeting

  5  (b) The General Council will meet at least once in 3 years and its functions will be as mentioned.
  Functions of the General Council

  5 (b) (i) To transact all business under the rules, that is brought before it.

  5 (b) (ii) To receive and adopt the Annual Report and audited statements of Account.

  5 (b) (iii) To appoint auditors.

  Central Executive Committee

  5 ( c )Subject to the supervision and control of the General Body/General Council the affairs of the Association will   be carried out by the Central
  Executive Committee comprising of members as detailed  below:

(i) Chairman


(ii) President


(iii) Working President


(iv) Vice President


(v) General Secretary


(vi) Deputy General Secretary


(vii) Assistant General Secretary

One from each geographical state subject to the following provisions:

(a) In UP there will be two Asstt. General Secretaries- AGS-I & AGS-II

(i) AGS-I from Circles consisting of Bareilly/ Faizabad/ Gorakhpur/ Kanpur/ Lucknow/ Varanasi

(ii) AGS-II from Circles consisting of Agra/ Bulandshahr/ Jhansi/ Meerut/ Moradabad/ Muzaffarnagar

(b) North Eastern States will have only one AGS

( c ) Haryana will include Chandigarh UT

(d) Tamilnadu  will include Pondichery

(e) Maharashtra  will include Goa

(f) West Bengal  will include  Sikkim & Andaman Nicobar Islands

(g) In a single circle state the Circle Secretary shall work as  AGS as well and there shall be no election for the post. If Circle Secretary in such a state happens to be a Central Office Bearer, then also he will ex-officio work  as AGS

(vii) Organising Secretary


(ix) Treasurer 


(x) Sub Treasurer


(xi) Members

One representative from each circle of the Assn. through their respective Presidents or Secretaries                                                                                               

  The General Secretary will keep records, minutes book and do all correspondence on behalf of the Association   assisted by Deputy General Secretaries.

  5 (d)  The election of the office- Bearers of the Central Executive Committee will be held once in   three years by the General Council consisting of the following:

  5 (d) (i) All the circle office bearers and members of the Circle Committees.

  5 (d) (ii) Members co-opted in terms of clause 3(a)(ii)(a) and whose membership is extended in terms of clause   3(a)(ii)(b).

  5 (d) (iii) The existing office bearers of the Central Executive Committee, including conveners of Ad-hoc   Committees set up in Circles.

  5 (d) (iv) For the purpose of eligibility to become a delegate of the General Council, the Circle Executive   Committee must not have continued for more than three years in their office without holding fresh elections as at   close of the half year ending June/December preceding the date of election or unless the term is extended by the   Central Executive Committee.

  5 (d) (v) For the purpose of reckoning the three year period referred to under para (iv) above the date when the   election results are declared shall be taken as the commencement of the term of the office bearership.

  5 (e) A delegate to the General Council in terms of clause 5 (d) (i),(ii),(iii),(iv) & (v) will be eligible to seek election   to a post of the Central Executive provided he has paid up to date subscription as per clause 3 (b) (ii)
  The electorate college will be members of the General Council. Returning Officer will be appointed by the Central   Executive Committee. General Secretary will supply a list of eligible voters well in advance up to the date fixed by   CEC to the Returning Officer who will then issue election schedule giving minimum 30 days notice for filing   nominations and time for withdrawals etc. Election will be held by secret ballot on the date and place and time   specified by the Returning Officer.

  5 (f) The office bearers of the CEC thus elected will take over the charge of the affairs of the Association after the   declaration of the results in the General Council meeting.
  Announcement of the Election Results:

  5 (g) The result of the elections thus held will be announced by the Returning Officer in the same General Council   meeting as called for conducting the elections.

   Filling of Vacancies

  5 (h)    In case of resignation, demise, etc. of a member during his tenure, the Central Executive Committee will   have the right to co-opt the member and/or office bearer from other eligible members of the Association, the   number of such co-opted members shall not exceed seven.

  Working Committee

  5 (i)     Office Bearers of the Central Executive Committee and the Assistant General Secretaries together shall be   called the Working Committee.

  5 (i)     (1)Functions of the Working Committee shall be as assigned to it by the Central Executive Committee from   time to time.

  5 (i)     (2)The Working Committee shall meet at least once in three months.

  5 (i)     (3)Such a meeting may be requisitioned by the President or General Secretary or by requisition by not less   than 6 members of the committee. In either case, notice of 5 days shall be given for all meetings; however, an   emergency meeting may be convened at a shorter notice. All decisions of the committee will be taken by simple   majority, each member having one vote. The President will have a casting vote.

  5 (i)     (4)Five members present shall form the quorum.


  Circle Committees

  5 (j) (i)  (a) There shall be established Circle Committees at Circle Offices i.e. where offices of the Circle Heads of   the Bank are situated. The said Circle levels will cover the entire area served by the Circle Head including the   Secretariat and Circle Offices located therein. It shall also include the members posted as Internal Auditors under   the control of Zonal Audit Offices situated in the geographical location of the concerned circle.

  5  (j) (i) (b)      A separate circle committee shall be established for members working in various Head Office   Divisions/Departments of the bank/its subsidiaries/foreign offices/central staff college etc.

  5  (j) (i) (c) Central Executive Committee shall have the power to establish additional circle committee and/or alter   the geographical area/jurisdiction of any or all the circle committees depending upon organisational needs and   decision of the bank about its organizational structure.

  5 (j) (ii) (a) The Circle Committees will be comprised of:

  1. President           One     }
  2. Vice-President  One    }
  3. Secretary            One    }
  4. Joint Secretary One    }
  5. Treasurer           One    }           [Up to 200
  6. Sub-Treasurer  One    }           members in each
  7. Members             Three}           circle committee]


  Thereafter, for each 100 additional members or part thereof one additional with a maximum of seven. Size of the   Circle Executive Committee will be:

1st 100 additional members ]   One additional
                                                    Vice President
Next   100                 One additional Joint Secretary
Next   100                 One Org. Secretary
Next   100                 One addl. Executive Committee Member
Next   100                 One addl. Executive Committee Member
Next   100                 One addl. Executive Committee Member
Next   100                 One addl. Executive Committee Member

  Circle Elections

  5 (j) (ii) (b) (1)  The Circle Committee will be elected by the body of members of the Circle Offices as aforesaid.   Election of the circle committee shall be held once in three years.

  5 (j) (ii) (b) (2) The Returning Officer shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of the concerned circle. Circle   Secretary/President will provide to the Returning Officer the list of eligible voters well in advance up to the date   fixed by the Circle Committee. The Returning Officer will then issue election schedule giving minimum of thirty   days notice for filling nominations including time for withdrawal etc. Election will be held by the secret ballot on the   date, place and time as may be specified by the Returning Officer. Vote by proxy will not be permitted.

  5 (j) (ii) (b) (3) The Office Bearers of the Circle Committee thus elected will take charge of the affairs of the   Association after declaration of the results. Circle convention will be held within three months from the date of   declaration of results where formation of new committee will be ratified.

  5 (j) (iii)The Circle Committees shall work as an extension of and in strict subservience to the Central Executive   Committee.

  5 (j) (iv) (a) The Circle Committees will meet at least once in two months.

  5 (j) (iv) (b) Such a meeting may be requisitioned by the President or Secretary or by a written requisition signed   at least by four members of the Committee. In either case, notice of two days will be given for all meetings;   however, an emergency meeting may be convened at a shorter notice. The decision will be made by a simple   majority. The President will have a casting Vote.

  5 (j) (v)All resolutions and decisions of Circle Committees will be in the nature of recommendations to the Central   Executive Committee.

  5 (j) (vi)All matters relating to the Circle Offices will be considered by Circle Committee, on a reference to it by the   members, or on a reference from the Central Executive Committee and decisions made will be forwarded to   Central Executive Committee for their consideration.

  5 (j) (vii) (a)The quorum of the circle committee will be 1/3rd of the total strength of the circle committee or three   whichever is more.

  5 (j) (vii) (b) An adjourned meeting will require no quorum, as required by clause No vii (a).

  5 (J) (viii) (a) The Circle Committees may open an account with a                Scheduled Bank.

  5 (j) (viii) (b) Such an account shall be operated by the Treasurer jointly with President or Secretary.

  5 (j) (ix) (a) Out of the total subscription received by the circle committee, 50% shall go to the Central Office on   monthly basis.

  5 (j) (ix) (b) Necessary standing instructions shall be given to branch/office, where the account is maintained by the   circle committee.

  5 (j) (ix) (c) No subscription, donation etc. will be raised by the Circle Committee except with the prior approval of   the Central Working Committee.

  General Body Meeting

  Annual General Body Meeting

  6   (a)An Annual General Body Meeting of the Association shall be held not later than six months after the close of   the accounting year of the Association.

  Special General Body Meeting

  6   (b)A Special General Body Meeting of the Association may be held:

  By the Executive Committee

  6   (b)  (i)When deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.

  By Requisition

  6  (b)  (ii)Or otherwise, requisitioned by not less than 1/5th of the total membership or 50 members whichever is   less.


  6  (c)Notice of 15 days shall be given for all General Body Meetings, however, an emergency meeting may be   convened at a shorter notice.

  6  (d)1/10th of the total membership or 25 members, whichever is less shall form the quorum for the General Body   Meetings.

  Adjourned Meeting Requires No Quorum

  6  (e) An adjourned Meeting will require no quorum as required under rule No. 6(d)

  Voting Powers & Decisions

  6  (f)Every member shall have one vote. Decision of the General Body except as provided under Rule 11 will be   taken by majority. President will have a casting vote.

  Executive Committee’s Meetings

  7  (a)The Central Executive Committee shall meet at least once in six months.

  7  (b)A meeting of the Executive Committee may be called;

  By the Secretary

  7  (b)  (i)By the Secretary when deemed necessary.

  By Requisition

  7 (b) (ii)Or otherwise when requisitioned by not less than 6 members of the Committee.


  7 (c)Notice of 5 days shall be given for all meetings of the Executive Committee; however, an emergency meeting   may be convened at a shorter notice.

  7 (d)5 members present shall form the quorum.

  Adjourned Meeting Requires No Quorum

  7 (e)An adjourned meeting will require no quorum as required under rule No. 7(d).

  Voting Power & Decisions

  7 (f)Decisions of the Committee will be taken by simple majority, each member having one vote. The Chairman   will have a casting vote.

  General Funds

  8  (a)The General funds of the Association shall consist of the subscriptions from the members, donations,   borrowings etc.

  Bank Accounts

  8  (b)They shall be deposited in account/s with a Scheduled Bank.

  Operation of the Bank Account/s

  8  (c)The account/s so opened with Bank/s under clause No. 8(b) above may be operated by the President or any   one of the Vice Presidents or the General Secretary or one of the Deputy General Secretaries jointly with the   Treasurer or the Sub Treasurer.

  8  (d)The Secretary or Treasurer or a member of the Executive Committee authorized by the Committee shall   keep such amounts with them for current expenses as may be decided by the Executive Committee from time to   time.

  8  (e)The funds of the Association shall be spent for fulfilling the objects of the Association and on all expenses   incidental thereof.

  Annual Audits and Auditor’s Report

  9 (a)Auditors elected at the General Body Meeting / General Council Meeting shall audit the accounts of the   Association and submit the report to the President every year. Accounting year will be 1st January to 31st   December of every year.

  9  (b)Circle Committees shall get their accounts audited as on 31st December every year and submit a copy of   the audited accounts to Central Office after approval from respective Circle Executive Committees.

  Inspection of Books of Accounts

  10  (a)The books of accounts of Circle Units of the Association shall be open to the inspection of any member   during the working hours by prior arrangement.

  10  (b)However, the books of accounts of the Central Office shall be open to inspection by General Council   Members during working hours by prior arrangement.

  Note :

  1. Prior to completion of the audit, if any request for inspection is received, the General Secretary / Circle Secretary may permit such inspection provided the request for inspection is specific indicating the reason / purpose for the inspection and the specific item of receipt or expenditure. He may in this regard authorize any member to be present at the time of such inspection.
  2. In regard to audited accounts, inspection will be granted only of audited Balance Sheet & Receipt and Payment Accounts.
  3. (i)   The Central Office shall have right of inspection of all records, registers, minutes, books, books of accounts, assets, vouchers, audited / unaudited account etc. pertaining to any circle and shall have power to cease and/or take possession thereof at any time.

  (3) (ii)Any such action by the General Secretary or the President shall be placed in the next Working Committee   meeting for ratification.

  Amendment of Rules

  11  (a)The rules may be amended, altered, replaced, rescinded or added at any time, provided previous notice of   at least 30 days is given to the members, by 2/3rd majority of the members present in the Central Executive   Committee and ratified by 2/3rd members of Circle Committees or by General Council. All such amendments   would be submitted to the Registrar of Trade Unions within a fortnight of the date of passing of amending   resolutions, and would not be enforced until and unless registered by the Registrar of Trade Unions.

  11 (b)Central Executive Committee may issue clarifications for removal of ambiguities, if any, in the interpretation   of any clause of the Constitution. Such Clarifications shall be treated as a part of the constitution.

  11 (c)All such clarifications shall be placed before the General Council at its next session for ratification.

  11 (d)Central Executive Committee is empowered to frame rules for implementation of clauses of the constitution.

  Dissolution of the Association

  12 (a)The Association shall not be dissolved except by the vote of majority of two-thirds of total membership at a   General Body Meeting, called for the purpose.

  12 (b)The funds of the Association after meeting all the liabilities shall be disposed off in accordance with   decision of the meeting.

  Note :

  The word Zone / Region wherever appears may be read as Circle in the proposed amendment & vice versa as   per Bank’s Administrative set-up.


  Form C
  Certificate of Registration of Trade Unions
  No. 1041
  It is hereby certified that the Punjab National Bank Officers’ Association, has been registered under the Indian   Trade Unions Act, 1926, this day of 19th August 1965.
                                                                                                                           G. Misra  
                                                                                     Registrar of Trade Unions
  Issuance of Certificate in the name of All India Punjab
  National  Bank Officers’ Association
  NO. F-10(1041)/RTU/3059                                    Date: 20.05.11
  This is with reference to your letter dated 02.03.2011 on the subject cited above.
  In this connection, it is to confirm that as per office record, the Association “All India Punjab National Bank   Officers’ Association” was registered, in the name of Punjab National Bank Officers’ Association on 19.8.1965   vide Registration No. 1041 and later on, the name  of Association was changed to All India Punjab National Bank   Officers’ /Association vide letter NO. F.5(1041)/RTU/LC/83/434 dated 09.02.1983.
                                                                   DY. REGISTRAR OF TRADE UNION  





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